Saturday, July 4, 2015

life and aeroplanes

Since my last post in February it's like a veil has been lifted off my eyes and I've metamorphosed into something new. I just reread my last post and would like to capture just a bit of that buzz back, even though technically I'm still doing really well.

Best news first - I have some light regrowth in my bald spots. Huzzah!!!!!

I've continued most of my previous post regime, although Ill be honest that I've been really slack in the last few weeks with my green juices and I can honestly say I've seen the difference in my energy (much lower) as a result,

Most of the rest I've continued religiously. Lemon water every morning, nails and pamper time with my bestie, work email is back on my phone as I'm in the middle of a bucket load of regional travel for work, however I'm not checking it after hours so, so far so good!

My ten year relationship ended in April and that was pretty tough. I'm through the other side and feel remarkably relieved to be 100% in charge of my own life again. Its an amazing feeling to realise that you were in charge all along but easily relinquished control mentally so often. My bad!

In the next 3 months Ill be away for work in regional WA 27 days. That's a whole lot of plane trips, 13 from memory. I hate flying pretty much more than anything else. It just doesn't agree with me, I get terribly sick 3/4 of the time. But I get to see this beautiful country and to that I am very grateful.

I upgraded the male in my life to a new kitten. Half Russian Blue half Ragdoll, his name is Merlin and as you would imagine is ridiculously adorable.

Below are some pics from the last few months, of my adventures in Broome, Esperance and Port Hedland for work, and the new kitty!
Sunrise on the way to Esperance
Arty Esperance

Stunning Broome

Blue skies in Broome

The fluro's in the plane on the way to Port Hedland at some ungodly hour of the morning

beautiful Port Hedland at Pretty Pool

Pretty Pool, Port Hedland

Pretty Pool, Port Hedland

Merlin aged 16 weeks

Monday, February 9, 2015

The journey continues

Its been a while between posts - I blame work to be honest. After staring at a screen all day the last thing I want to do when I get home is more of the same. We eat early at my house because we go to bed early and get up early. The joys of living with a Postie.

But its been an inspiring few weeks and I promised I was going to document my AA journey. To be honest, its turned into more of a healthy body and mind journey and AA isnt really the focus for me anymore. AA is the symptom, not the cause. I need to fix the cause, or at least nurse it back to health.

So what have I been doing in the last few weeks that's making me feel so positive?

I start every day with 1/2 a lemon squeezed into warm water with a dash of honey. It detoxes and alkaline's my body for the day. Then I drink water. As much as I can. I've swapped two strong coffees for lemon and water as my start to the day. At first I was attempting coffee after the lemon water. It just didn't work for me. I now don't crave coffee until after I've had breakfast. Weird but true.

I'm eating breakfast more regularly than I ever have. If not a hearty start of eggs or fruit, then I have a green smoothie packed with kale, cucumber, apple, celery, ginger, berries and stone fruit. I add cacao and hemp seeds. Bam! Its such a fab start and more goodness than I use to eat in a whole day.

I've been back at work for a month now, since diagnosis and a 3 week break over Xmas/New Year. I've have stuck to my resolution and the work email remains completely off my mobile phone. It is no longer the last thing I do before going to sleep. I cant believe I used to lie there stewing over work emails while I should have been sleeping. And relaxing.

I've continued getting my nails done with shellac polish so they are strong. They were chipping and breaking and annoying me no end. Coupled with this 'me' time (something I had been denying myself tremendously well in past years) is the time I spend with my good friend from childhood, who dragged me along with her the first time. The time we spent giggling and chatting was relaxing and better than housework any day!

I've enjoyed a range of activities recently on a Saturday, where traditionally I would stay at home working on my online vintage shop or doing housework. So there's the above mentioned nails with my friend, I've done meditation, Sound healing (in a sound reflective chamber with crystal bowls, gongs and didgeridoo) Reiki, the beach and doing craft.

I went back to my new naturopath last Saturday and he was delighted to see I'm 60% there in improving oxygen supply to my brain and hormone balancing in my body. He said "whatever You're doing - keep doing it!" When I told him I'm off my back medication and he asked me what my doctor said, I was thrilled to say that my doctor didn't know because I'm not sick and I haven't needed to go see him. Nor will I ever again to that one. He is not a healer and his so called care was detrimental to my health. I was more unhealthy in his 'care' than I have been at any other time in my life. I believe it was on the medication Lyrica that my gut became leaky and my autoimmune disease was triggered. There are proven links between Alopecia and Lyrica but my doctor never mentioned it and in fact said I could be on Lyrica safely for the rest of my life.

Instead of medications I am now taking supplements. Flax seed oil, Vitamin D, Calcium, Krill oil, Vitamin C, Magnesium and hormone balancing/vitality supplements.

I have less back pain now than when I was medicated. My eyes are open and I am now receiving so much information about my own health. I am inspired to nurture myself and my health and stay away from my fright or flight zone so my body can heal itself - which you need to be calm and relaxed for it to happen.

I'm loving this journey.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Whirlwind week of highs and lows, wins and losses

So, where could I possibly start.

Having never been to a naturopath before, I took the advice of a friend and sought out a very well known one in my area. In the month I waited for my appointment, anyone I mentioned it to seemed to have heard of him and his silky skills. I got more and more excited as the appointment approached, which coincided with repeated trips back to my hopeless GP as we went through the process of blood tests and him delivering results in a monotone, emotionless way. I had to ask for just about every blood test, I was determined to find what had triggered my alopecia. I repeatedly asked him if the medication I'd been on for the last two years could be causing this and he repeatedly said I could stay on it for the rest of my life with no side effects. I believed him.

Within 3 minutes of me entering my naturopaths consulting rooms, with very little conversation between us, he told me that the medication was depleting all the calcium from my body. He also told me that my back issue was misdiagnosed. Yes I may have displaced disks, but the pain was coming from a twisted muscle that had displaced the disks. He untwisted it there and then. I went off the medication that very same day. I can sleep on my back for the first time in two years.

I'm taking natural supplements to restore my health. I've been told that I will have alopecia for life, although my naturopath says he will cure that too. Right now I feel like I am taking some steps to regain control of my life again, rather than being controlled by the medication.

Next step is to take control of the stress in my life. The work email is off my phone now, I've even turned off vibrate so no pesky alerts can disturb my sleep, even when the phone is on silent.

I'm drinking more green smoothies, eating less crap, have cut down on sugared refined foods and am slowly starting to crave healthier options.
My unexpected journey has begun.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New items added to the shop

It's been AGES since I've done a shop update on the blog, in fact ALL of my most recent posts have been about my health. Sorry about that - but with Facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram and the blog, as well as two Etsy shops - I just couldn't handle splitting my blogs up into the different interest areas. Writing all of that makes me realise I could do with a little simplification in my life, especially considering the shop is meant to be a hobby lol.

So anyway, here are the latest random items to be added to the shop. I'm well over due to do a proper photo shoot with my gorgeous models and my racks of clothes, however, for now, this will have to keep you satiated.

First up is this Vintage Retro Australian 1960s Lady Sunbeam Portable Hairdryer

Rather amazing Retro Vintage Australian Lady Sunbeam Portable Hairdryer
Made in Australia by Sunbeam Corporation
The case is damaged at the hinge but the hairdryer is in great condition
Includes a couple of original curlers, hairpins and curler pins and original carry strap for multitasking!

This is great as a collectors piece but can also be used and a nail dryer too!
It weighs 5.5 kilos so unfortunately would cost a bomb for international buyers to ship, however please do convo me should you want to ship internationally!

$20 + $25 postage within Australia
WA buyers - pick up option available - just convo me before purchasing!

and here a pair of Vintage 1970's blue denim Men's shorts
A large sized pair of men’s vintage blue denim shorts
Made in Australia

Size medium
All measurements are taken lying flat unless provided on the garment label and should be measured against your own clothing for accuracy.

Waist size: 95 cm / 38"
$20 + postage within Australia
International postage options available

Here we have a gorgeous Vintage 1980's Cabbage Patch Kid Doll 
Great condition - she could do with some clothes!
WA buyers - pick up option available - just message me before purchasing!
$35 + postage within Australia

Lots more being added to the shop today - vintage purses and bags, an A Team jigsaw and Vintage lotto game and some vintage patterns will be added to the other shop VintageTwistPattern tomorrow with any luck.

Busy Busy Busy!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

I believe in signs

Do you believe in signs?
For well over a year now I've been seeing feathers in my path. Mainly at the park when I'm walking my beautiful Weimaraner dogs, but also in other places that are more random, like in the city on my path to work.

Anyway, so that's the feathers. Then, shortly after my diagnosis with AA, I was op shopping and found a stack of Barbie and Brats dolls. They were so cheap that I grabbed all the ones that didn't have missing limbs for my nieces and action man doll for my nephew for when they came to my place for xmas day. They weren't the hit that I thought they would be, however, I also picked up a doll that seemed poignant to find, for myself. She now sits on a shelf above my computer as a sort of mascot for me. I already own a long straight purple wig you see. Those of you following the blog in the past would know that if you've seen my Etsy shop. The purple wig has starred in some of the shots. Like this one of Devon my niece-in-law.

So imagine my suprise when I found the below doll, with removable purple hair. Woah! Talk about a sign from I dont know where but I got it!

So AA Mascot she has become and just to top it off, I shit you not, I was just on my way to get another round of blood tests, driving down the road, I see a blond wig in the middle of the road.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A New Year and some tough choices

I'm quitting sugar!
I figure if I say it out loud I have a chance at sticking to this decision!

I have long suspected that my gut can no longer process sugar and highly processed foods. I recently found a name for what I think I've been experiencing - Leaky gut Syndrome! It's this weird sickly feeling in your gut in the morning when you've had a few drinks or eaten foods high in sugar the night before.

I used to drink Jack Daniel's and coke zero. Started to feel sick the next morning. When I say sick, it wasn't from being hungover as such. I would only ever have around 3 large drinks every other Friday night. Then I swapped to mixing it with dry ginger ale. That worked for a while and then the same thing started to happen.

Then I noticed it happening after a night of sugary deserts or sweets.

I know this is going to be tricky for me. I know I may have moments of weakness. I will try my hardest because I feel like sugar may be toxic for me.

I have sugarless coffee, have done for many years now. It's chocolate that is going to be the killer. OMG I love chocolate.

My Alopecia spots have been really itchy the last few days. I got M to shave the underneath for me again as I obsess less over the difference in length at the back when there is relative even smoothness back there.

I've been rubbing my coconut oil and essential oil mix in every few days, which provides some relief.

So I've read a lot about the links between AA and sugar, AA and wheat & gluten.
I've pretty much eliminated gluten, bar the odd fruit mince pie in the last few days.

It's time to up the anti and see what sugar free means to me.

I'm in the middle of a few AA books and loving them all. I'll add them to the AA page for easy access.

One is about going forward Boldly Bald as a woman, in the same way men are accepted to do so. I braved the E Reader land for this one to give me something to read through my frequent bouts of insomnia of late. I also have another downloaded for after that one, by a young lady who grew a full head of hair back by changing her diet completely. I've already got her cookbook and have been enjoying her juices and smoothie recipes in the last few days.

Then there is one about acceptance accompanied by beautiful soothing images, all words and pictures created by the same lady who has had AA for 30 years.

And another presenting the cold hard facts of the disease and potential things in your body that may be 'out of whack' and strategies for correcting them. It came with a meditation CD that I will try tonight (just as long as I can get it onto my phone!!!)

Time to face the day!
Happy New Year to one and all

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

All I want for Xmas is......

Some can probably guess what the answer is.... Yes selfishly I only want my hair to stop falling out. I don't care if the spots don't grown back.

I've gone into disguise mode and have had my hair shortened in a blunt bob with the largest spots at the back and underneath shaved in a mod undercut.

I had this exact haircut when I hung out with mods and rude boys when I was 16.

So I had a few teary meltdowns this week. As my hair thins in general all over my head, I'm finding it everywhere. My clothes, pillow, bathroom, car and brushes are covered. The not knowing is excruciating. Not knowing if I will lose the lot or not.

I've quit gluten, reduced dairy but sugar is still well and truly in the picture. The more I try to deny the more I crave it. NYE resolution?

Insomnia has paid me a visit this morning as I write this it's 3:30am. It's windy outside and I can't turn my brain off. But as M will be getting up in a little over an hour, I'm going to give sleep another go.